The content team at Wattpad HQ is back to share some key genres, tropes, and trends that are on our radar for 2023. We’ve mentioned that we’re always on the lookout for stories that are Immediate, Engaging, and Commercial, but over the coming months we’ll take a deeper dive into what those terms actually mean—starting with Immediate.

A story that is Immediate:
Has a compelling hook/conflict
Makes the premise clear in the opening chapter
Gets to the point quickly

Immediate means the story gets right to the point. The stories that perform well on Wattpad are those where the reader is invested from the very first chapter. That first chapter should give your readers a taste of the reading experience they’re about to have. Whether it’s the main character getting trapped in an elevator with a sexy stranger or a gruesome murder in a sleepy town, opening your story with a compelling hook will draw your reader in and set you up for writing success!

Next, let’s discuss the genres we’re hoping to see more of right now. As always, this is not a complete list, but simply a prompt to inspire creativity.

As Valentine’s Day approaches, we’re getting especially excited about romance stories! There are so many subgenres to explore within romance, but we’ll highlight a few:

Fantasy Romance
Think: Love story with a sprinkle of magic! Fantasy romance incorporates elements of—you guessed it—fantasy, magic, and the supernatural into the story. This might take inspiration from classical mythology, history, or even astrology. It’s an opportunity to get really creative, with endless potential for new story arcs.

Billionaire Romance
This one is straightforward: The love interest is a billionaire. Beyond that, there are so many tropes to explore. Enemies to lovers, secret identity, secret baby, marriage of convenience… the list goes on! Who doesn’t love a sneak peek into the secret lives of the ultra rich?

Mafia Romance
There’s a reason The Sopranos was so popular. Think steamy romance with a high-stakes backdrop—the love interest is a protagonist involved with organized crime. A great opportunity to open with a strong hook and land your reader right in the middle of the action!

Werewolf Romance
It’s worth mentioning again—we can never have enough shifter romance stories. Werewolves and shifters are evergreen on Wattpad, so get writing that story that will have your readers howling for more.

Explore some great Romance stories with strong, immediate openings below: 

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