Happy spooky season! The Content team at Wattpad HQ is back again to share some key genres, tropes, and trends that are on our radar. While these are timely for the season, they are also evergreen buckets that Wattpad always has a vested interest in. This of course is not a complete list, but simply meant to help inspire that creativity.


Wolves and shifters are an evergreen subject for a reason. We’re always looking for stories that contain all the familiar shifter romance tropes—with an engaging hook—but also those that make an extra effort to craft an intriguing paranormal or fantasy world, with endless potential for new story arcs.


Slashers, horrors, and thrillers have been trending on Wattpad for the last few months, leading up to spooky season. No matter the genre, we’re always seeking stories that effectively combine suspense with a strong hook that can keep readers glued to the page for long periods of time, with smart and believable characters.


Ghosts? Demons? Succubi? Vampires? No matter the subject(s), a steamy romance between otherworldly beings makes for an addicting read. We’re looking for up-front hooks, strong romance dynamics, and strong personal and/or external stakes that keep readers wanting to know what happens next.

As always, to make a story stand out to your readers, it must be these three things: Immediate, Engaging, and Commercial. Here are some thrilling horror and paranormal stories from Wattpad creators that check these boxes:  

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