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Brand Opportunities Brand Opportunities Brand Opportunities
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Wattpad works with some of the biggest brand and studio partners from around the world to provide creators with exclusive writing opportunities, helping them increase their exposure, grow their fan bases and earn brand recognition. 

With Wattpad Brand Partnerships, creators not only get the chance to work with brands like Maybelline, Tim Hortons, JCPenney, Paramount Pictures (and many more!), but they can also get paid for their work by participating in brand campaigns and initiatives. From writing branded bonus chapters on Wattpad to doing social media takeovers off-platform, working with brands helps creators establish credibility and elevate their own writer brand, all while getting paid to do what they love. 

Here are some of the ways creators can get involved with brands on Wattpad: 

  • Enter a Wattpad writing contest—submit your story to win exciting prizes. Winning stories could also get the chance to be turned into a short film, podcast, commercial or other media!
  • Be enlisted to work with a brand to write a sponsored story, bonus chapters or other seeded entries
  • Create custom social content and participate in branded social media takeovers
  • Get featured on a brand’s livestream or podcast
  • And so much more!

Learn about our Creators Program, where Creators can gain access to the latest branded opportunities from the Wattpad Brand Partnerships team.

Check out some of our past opportunities by clicking the logos below.

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