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The Wattpad Creators Program

The Wattpad Creators Program The Wattpad Creators Program The Wattpad Creators Program
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Giving you access to meaningful perks

The Wattpad Creators Program is here to support writers who are consistently updating their stories by offering you access to:

  • Editorial support through our ticketing system, Oracle, where you can ask questions directly to our Wattpad Originals editors and content team scouts
  • Educational resources focused on helping you succeed on the Wattpad platform, covering topics such as IEC and web-novel style writing
  • Opportunities to take part in Creator Workshops
  • A Wattpad Creators Discord
  • Opportunities to pitch your stories directly to our content team for consideration for Wattpad Originals
  • Creator Coordinators to answer any questions and support your writing journey.


Putting a focus on your growth and visibility

Our goal is to help your stories succeed on Wattpad. The program is currently by invitation only. You will receive an invite if you meet the criteria listed below. If you already meet this criteria, hang tight and make sure you keep an eye on the email associated with your Wattpad account.

The Wattpad Creators Program eligibility

In order to qualify for the Wattpad Creators Program, you need to meet the following criteria, for at least one story:

  • Is 40,000 words or more
  • Is in English
  • Has been updated (a minimum of 500 words) at least once in the last two weeks and at least six times in the last three months
  • Is not fanfiction, random, poetry, or classics

You also must not have any conduct or content violations against your account.

In exchange for entrance to the Wattpad Creators Program, writers are asked to update a story of their choice on a weekly basis, as we know this is key to your story’s success on Wattpad. 

For more information, subscribe to our Creator Newsletter. We will be sharing updates as they become available. In the meantime, we’re excited about this new opportunity to engage with you and help you grow.

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