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Wattpad WEBTOON Studios Wattpad WEBTOON Studios Wattpad WEBTOON Studios
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We know our creators have big dreams—and we love to help make them come true. Whether your goal is to get published, see your story on the big screen, or write something that gets adapted into a new and exciting format, Wattpad WEBTOON Studios is here to help take your story to the next level.

What is Wattpad WEBTOON Studios? 

Wattpad WEBTOON Studios is a fully integrated studio that harnesses the power of storytelling on our platforms to propel original stories to off-platform entertainment and publishing success, captivating audiences around the world. 

We produce culture-defining TV and films, publish the world’s next bestsellers, and partner with top talent and companies to ensure that we make our creators’ dreams come true.

With in-house creator management, marketing and PR teams, each project and creator is supported throughout the entire process in a collaborative and fully transparent model that ensures the creator’s vision is realized in the final product.

We're powered by storytellers like you, and backed by honest data and real-time insights.

Global Publishing

We’re excited to see your name on the cover of the next bestseller—whether it be in the North American market with our internal press Wattpad WEBTOON Book Group, or in the international space with one (or more!) of our global publishing partners. 

Our data-savvy editors at WWBG use their expertise to handpick a balanced list of commercial fiction and diverse, inclusive stories that our readers are already obsessed with. The press is made up of four imprints: Wattpad Books, W by Wattpad Books, Frayed Pages x Wattpad Books and WEBTOON Unscrolled.

Our dedicated licensing and partnerships team look for opportunities globally for our writers, capitalizing on countries and trends that are heating up in real-time and leading to more than 100 books a year being published around the world. 

Global Entertainment

We can’t wait to see your characters come alive in film, tv, digital video or new multimedia formats—and our creative executives and business development experts are here to guide your project into the right medium for you–and your fans!. 

Devoted to finding the right format for each project, our creative executives are focused in three key areas: Global Film, Global Animation, and Global Television. Each comes with a unique point of view for how best to adapt a story for their specific medium and knowledge of global market fit and trends, ensuring that the project finds its audience in the format they most crave! 

Our business development team works tirelessly to find the right production partners within the entertainment industry to bring our creators’ stories to screens big and small. We are fortunate to deal exclusively in the one thing that powers the entire entertainment industry - original stories that captivate audiences around the world.

Make your vision a reality

No matter what your vision for your story is, we come to work everyday on a mission to make it a reality! Through data analysis and thoughtful collaboration, Wattpad WEBTOON Studios is able to make space for new voices and guide our creators to reach their goals. We work with you to facilitate multimedia and publishing deals under terms and a contract that feels right to you.

How can I get noticed?

It’s easy: Keep creating. Got the next werewolf romance just waiting to be written? Write it. Maybe you’re more into stories that reflect real-world growing pains. We want those, too. Are comics or graphic novels more your thing? Head on over to WEBTOON and start your first draft there!  

We rely on your story’s audience engagement, community sentiment, data insights, and our team of creative experts to find great stories, unique voices, and trends that are sure to delight audiences around the world.