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Into the Dark: A Creator Toolkit

Into the Dark: A Creator Toolkit Into the Dark: A Creator Toolkit
In this article:

    There's a chill in the air, and it's not just because of the changing weather. It’s time to embrace the darkness… Get into the horror-zone just in time for scary season. Below, find resources, tips, and reading recommendations that will help inspire your next great dark tale.



    Heather Miller (@XDeafening_SilenceX), creator of the Lost Luna series

    Dive into the dark world Heather Miller has created since joining Wattpad in 2011. Her passion for Twilight ignited her fascinations with fantasy and the world of werewolves. To help inspire creators like you, Heather unveils her secrets behind crafting the unforgettable female protagonist in the Lost Luna series, Nova. Discover the art of shaping a character’s identity, the power of a backstory, and the magic of staying consistent and relatable. Read now.



    What goes on in the dark? That's between you and these spine-tingling stories. Get inspired by some of Wattpad's eeriest stories—dark romance, paranormal, thriller reads, and more.



    These are sexy, uninhibited, emotional stories that highlight intense, satisfying bonds in the supernatural worlds of werewolves and shapeshifters. While romance plays an integral part, so do underdog stories where a character overcomes great obstacles or strikes back to find themselves and where they belong. Learn more about the Werewolf vertical.


    The Paranormal genre goes beyond what science can explain. In these stories, you'll find psychics, shapeshifters, reapers, characters with special powers like telekinesis and clairvoyance, and so much more. Learn how to write a great paranormal story.

    Dark romance

    From enemies-to-lovers romance to infidelity, forced marriage, and possessive alpha-type leads, Dark Romance stories explore an unconventional realm of intimacy using larger-than-life character personalities and settings, like biker gangs and mafia families. 


    These stories deliver a captivating experience that is half paranormal and half fantasy. This is where immersive worldbuilding thrives, and ghosts, zombies, aliens, and other mythical creatures live in the same worlds or intersect in some way. Learn about the Wattpad Vertical, para-romantasy.

    Speculative fiction

    Immersive worlds of danger, excitement, and wonder are at the core of Speculative Fiction, featuring genres like Science Fiction, Fantasy, LitRPG, and more. Think: dystopian worlds, monsters, virtual RPGs, and more. Explore the world of speculative fiction.

    Dark fantasy

    This is where horror and fantasy meet, in stories that often feature supernatural beings, like ghosts or vampires. These reads combine the imagination of fantasy worlds with gloomy, dark elements often found in the Horror genre.


    Horror literature is meant to scare, shock, or frighten, and can include elements of any other genre set against a scary, macabre backdrop. These stories at times investigate the psychological and supernatural, with the intent of creating an eerie atmosphere for the reader.

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