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Writing in chapters

Writing in chapters Writing in chapters

There are many ways to enjoy the written word, from reading paperback books to stories online. Reading online, however, is a completely different experience to reading in print. While readers might devour a physical novel in one sitting, online storytelling allows creators the opportunity to upload their chapters in installments, keeping readers excitedly awaiting their next release.

Keep your online readers hooked with these strategies

MILO by lizaalewis table of contents

Update regularly 

Serialization (or publishing in installments) is a great way to hook your readers and keep them coming back, chapter after chapter. When you release your story one chapter at a time, you’re rewarded with continual encouragement and real-time feedback from your audience. We recommend updating two to three times per week if you can. It will help keep readers satisfied and engaged, while still building anticipation and excitement.

Learn by example

Take inspiration from cover designs you love. Look at your bookshelf or scroll through Wattpad. What drew you to certain covers? Was it the bright floral illustration, or the dark and moody design? Maybe minimalism is what you gravitate towards? Think of how you can incorporate similar elements into your own cover design to really make your story stand out.

Pay attention to aesthetics 

When in doubt, take a look at your own story on the Wattpad app to see how it looks there. The overall aesthetic of the page is important to mobile readers. Long paragraphs with very few breaks in between can overwhelm the screen. On the opposite end of the spectrum, stories with too much whitespace can appear underdeveloped or lacking. Stories should have a careful balance of dialogue and description.

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