Another Wattys season has come to a close and we couldn’t be more inspired by the incredibly compelling stories that were in the running for a Watty Award this year.

Judges and fans alike were awe-struck by the level of creativity in every story. Congratulations to all of the 2023 Watty winners.

You can watch the video of the winners being announced via YouTube live stream below, or keep scrolling to read about some of the 2023 Watty Award winners!

Most Engaging World

Rooming with the Wicked

Rooming with the Wicked by @allrenwrote

Switching dorms mid-semester can be a struggle, especially if your new roommates aren't human and one of them might be trying to kill you.

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Catchiest Hook

A Drop of Haunted Blood

A Drop of Haunted Blood by @auroraanorth

Sixteen-year-old Felix Carver, with the abilities of deceased family magicians, joins the Bright Guardians to train against monsters. With friends Arisa and Mason, they uncover a spy, aiming to reclaim a powerful wand to stop a looming war against the Guardian Uprising.

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Best Characters

Red Rover

Red Rover by @SmokeAndOranges

Meg survives in a world plagued by the Redding, a mysterious substance that induces sleep. To wake its victims risks danger—they wake up violent. With newfound Morse code knowledge and a chilling revelation that the Redding communicates, Meg faces a crucial night when the raindrops spell out a chilling message: "Run."

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Wattpad WEBTOON Studios Entertainment Prize


Situationship by @Orchid_27

Heath and Teagan have one thing in common: they don't want to be in a relationship. When they find themselves repeatedly crossing paths during wedding season as part of the same friend group, they agree to scheduled hookups to sidestep dating. A situational relationship, otherwise known as a situationship. Their arrangement seems perfect... if their past doesn't come back to bite them.

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Wattpad WEBTOON Books Prize

The Feeling Checklist

The Feeling Checklist by @Believeeexoxo

Seventeen-year-old Hazel never saw having a sick mom in her future. And the last thing she expected was for her new next-door neighbor to give her a checklist that would change everything.

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Fan's Choice Award

Breaking Shadows

Breaking Shadows by @Marie_Murphy

Seventeen-year-old witch Riley Archer strikes a dangerous deal with an angel of death to save her grandmother's life. However, fulfilling the angel's request violates ancient witch laws. When fellow witch Arden Jones warns of disappearing witches, Riley must unravel the mystery to avoid becoming the next victim, all while honoring her binding promise to the unforgettable angel.

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Grand Prize

A Perfect Fit

A Perfect Fit by @lilyvictoriawrites

After an eight-hour flight sitting next to her high school nemesis Jackson Carter, fashion designer and barista Isabelle Curtis thought that would finally be the last she would see of him. But as the saying goes, famous last words. 

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Grand Prize

Check Mate

Checkmate by @officialrachaelrose

Seventeen-year-old Rose's bid for Class President falters after a scandal, leading her to seek help from Blake, Archbury High's troublemaker. As they collaborate and secrets surface, Rose reconsiders the pursuit of perfection in the midst of their growing connection and the approaching election.

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