What led you to writing LGBTQIA+ stories?

I've been writing since I was little and have changed what I wrote so very often, because even though I have always loved writing, I never found something to write that just felt right. When I first came across LGBTQ+ stories on Wattpad, I pretended not to see them—I was in denial. But then, as I tried to educate myself and learn more about diversity and acceptance, I began to read these stories.

That was a rabbit hole. I can't even remember how many stories I read in the span of a week, but soon after that I started writing the first chapter of my own. I always have so many ideas brewing inside my head, and writing LGBTQ+ stories has become the outlet that I had been searching for for so long.

Why is diverse LGBTQIA+ storytelling important to you as a creator?

As a minority, seeing or reading about somebody like you can be life-changing. To be able to find someone, albeit fictional, fighting dragons, falling in love, learning magic or having a happily ever after, be it with or without a partner. LGBTQ+ representation has not only been narrow, but also full of stereotypes that can have a damaging impact on people still trying to figure their identity and come to terms with who they are.

That is why it is so important to showcase this diversity as something that is completely okay and normal. When we see someone like us, we feel seen and understood. And when we see somebody who isn't like us, that reminds us that despite the differences among us, we all share our humanity. We all may not be exactly alike, but we're all part of one interconnected world.

Why would you consider Wattpad a safe space for LGBTQIA+ creators?

Wattpad has not only been a safe space for me, but a place where I can truly just do what I love, create stories and universes, and do so without any fear whatsoever. My community has been extremely supportive so far, and without them I wouldn't be the writer that I am today.

Were there characters and/or storylines from books, TV Shows, movies, etc. that you read that influenced your writing?

I am an absolute sucker for cliché tropes. Be it enemies or best friends to lovers, or a little hot office romance— I want them all. Most of my writing surrounds these tropes, so in a way I am inspired by a lot that I see. I love to see communication, to see diverse stories that value healthy relationships and important matters like safe sex, consent, etc. These are topics that I always try to incorporate in my books.

What in particular made you gravitate toward Wattpad as your chosen writing platform?

I've been on Wattpad for around a decade now, and the communities that I have seen here are like none other. As an LGBTQ+ writer, or even as any writer, you tend to be nervous before putting your stories out there for the world to read. Wattpad and its readers have always been more than kind. They have given me the love that I haven't found anywhere else. Without them, I probably would have stopped after my first few bouts of writer's block, but they motivate me to keep on going. With the support from both Wattpad's team and readers, it has become my favorite place.

Why is it important to you to write stories with LGBTQIA+ themes?

I know what it's like to feel that you are different and alone. To think that there is something wrong with you. To believe that you are unlovable. These are feelings I never want anybody to experience, though I know just how common they actually are. It's important for me to write books with LGBTQ+ themes so that, at least, in one way I can try and showcase that whoever you are and whoever you love— it's okay. I try to have diverse characters so that people can feel seen and valid in their identities. Storytelling has immense power and can have a great impact on its readers, which is why writing LGBTQ+ stories is crucial to me.

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