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Tagging your Wattpad story

Tagging your Wattpad story Tagging your Wattpad story
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    If you had to describe your story in a handful of words, which ones would you choose? Wattpad uses tags to tell readers what your story is about. Tags also make your story more discoverable by allowing it to appear in several different locations across Wattpad—from search to tag pages and readers’ home feeds. Optimize your discoverability by using words that are accurate and relevant to your story. 

    The best practices for story tagging

    Start with the big picture basics

    First and foremost, you should capture the genre of your story through tags. Are you writing romance or mystery? An intergalactic sci-fi or world-building fantasy? Let readers know using the appropriate hashtags. Think: #teenromance, #murdermystery, #scifi, and more.

    Story tags on The Coffee Pact by Rachael Rose including #badboy, #christmas, #coffee, #completed, #feelings

    Specify the theme 

    What unifying idea pervades your story? Is it friendship, family, redemption? Are you telling a coming-of-age tale, one of self-discovery or even a first love? Indicate what themes are examined within your work. Think: #comingofage, #queerlovestory, #friendship, #revenge, and more.

    Choose your subgenres 

    Stories are complex and often fit within multiple niches that appeal to varied audiences. Get specific about which subgenres, if any, your story explores. Is your story set in a #dystopian world or is it #contemporary? Tell your fans!

    Know your audience 

    What demographic is your story intended for? Using tags like #youngadult, #newadult, #adult, or #mature are ways readers seek out content in the age and maturity range they're looking to read in. Note: Mature stories are intended for an audience that is 17 and up. Give your story a Mature rating if it contains explicit sex scenes, self-harm themes or scenes, graphic depictions of violence, or anything else that isn't appropriate for younger readers.

    Set the mood 

    What can readers expect from your story on an emotional level? Set an emotional expectation or mood with tags like #angst, #slowburn, or #feelgood. 

    Establish time and place 

    From 17th century French court to a far-off future, the settings of Wattpad stories are limitless. Tell us when and where your story takes place. Think: #France, #1940s, #contemporary, or #alternateuniverse. 

    Get creative 

    Leave a few tags open as wild cards for those super specific things that set your story apart, like #dragons or #pingpong.

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