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Writer's block and how to get over it (video)

Writer's block and how to get over it (video) Writer's block and how to get over it (video)
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    Writer's block. We've all been there. Almost every writer will experience it at some point in their writing career. You're staring at a blank screen and nothing is happening. No words come to mind. It can make you feel blocked from the pathway to success.

    In Story School Episode 01, Writer's block and how to get over it, learn how you can break through the creative slump and come out of it even stronger. Hear from Wattpad HQ's content expert Leah and get inspiration from your fellow creators Loridee De Villa and Matthew Dawkins.

    What is writer's block?

    Dictionary.com defines writer's block as "a usually temporary condition in which a writer finds it impossible to proceed with the writing of a novel, play, or other work". In other words, writer's block is the feeling of being stuck in the writing process and not knowing what to do next.

    Writer's block may impact how often you write, the number of words you write in a sitting, or whether you continue your story into a series. It can have a significant impact on how long it takes you to finish a story. The way writer's block presents itself and the reason why it affects you differs from writer to writer. 

    Some experts claim that writer's block is a myth, but whether it's a real psychological issue or a term to give the challenge of writing a title, the reasons behind the struggle are real. The good news is, there are things you can do to help overcome it.

    What causes writer's block?

    There are several causes of writer's block, and they'll vary from writer to writer. For example, you may face writer's block because you're distracted by other events in your life like a physical illness, depression, or a break-up. Other times, the causes are external such as the pressure to produce work for someone else's benefit. Often, however, it's the pressure we put on ourselves that has the most impact. Let's explore three causes of writer's block.

    • Self-criticism. You are your own worst critic. If you start comparing your work to other, more successful writers, or even to your earlier work, it's easy to spiral. Getting to a place where you can't see your own work can lead to writer's block.

    • Fear. The fear of putting yourself and your ideas out there due to others judging, criticizing, or rejecting you is a common cause of writer's block. You may be hesitant to write due to how your audience will perceive your story.

    • Perfectionism. The motivation to do your very best, or to get everything perfect on the first attempt. Though it may seem like perfectionism can protect you from criticism or failure, it can actually lead you to writing no sentences at all.

    So, what do you say? We think it's time to clear your head, get some rest and exercise, and refocus. You can sit down at your desk or in your favorite café and let the words flow (even if they're not perfect!), and you will. The most important thing you can do is trust yourself and trust your process. Cya writer's block.

    Downloadable Guide

    The team at Wattpad has created a writer's block guide for you to best learn how to overcome it. Click the image below to access the writer's block guide.

    Story School Writer's Block Downloadable

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