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The power of serialized storytelling (video)

The power of serialized storytelling (video) The power of serialized storytelling (video)
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    Serialized storytelling, also known as episodic storytelling, has been a popular form of entertainment for centuries. It is commonly used to engage audiences and keep them coming back for more.

    On Wattpad, we know that serialized stories can help you create a special relationship with your readers. By creating long-form stories with great cliffhangers, hooks, plot, and character development, you'll build an audience that is thrilled and desperate to read your next chapter.

    What is serialized content?

    Serialized content refers to a story that is told over a long period of time, rather than being presented as a complete work all at once. The content is written in such a way that entices your readers to want (or need!) to come back to find out what happens next, creating a sense of anticipation and engagement as your audience becomes invested in your story and characters. Serialized content also allows for more in-depth character development and exploration of story arcs, as the narrative can be extended over a longer period of time. 

    Some examples of serialized content include literature series such as Sherlock Holmes, Game of Thrones, and Shadow and Bone, manga like One Piece, TV shows like Breaking Bad and Grey's Anatomy, and podcasts like Critical Role and Welcome to Nightvale. On Wattpad, some creators have already taken up serialized storytelling, for example:

    What makes serialized storytelling so powerful?

    The serialized storytelling format has the ability to captivate audiences in a whole new way. 

    Building anticipation

    Instead of writing a story that just hits the end, serialized storytelling has you bringing your readers back over and over again. You can leave your audience with a cliffhanger at the end of each chapter, creating a desire to find out what happens next and keeping your audience engaged.

    Writing with flexibility

    Serialized storytelling allows for flexibility. With each new release, you have the ability to explore different aspects of the story and develop new plot points. Wattpad is uniquely suited with its comment feature that removes the barrier between creator and reader. You can look for hints in your comment section to understand what your readers want more of. Understand what they're excited about, which side character they're really into, etc. and take these points as clues to where you can tweak your story appropriately. Just remember that you as the writer always have the power to choose what you lean into.

    Developing characters

    With serialized storytelling, there is more time to develop characters and their relationships with one another. Your audience will become more invested in the characters, giving you the power to create an emotional connection between the audience and story. Again, tap into the comment section to understand what will get your audience excited and build off that.

    Immersing your reader

    The longer your story is told, the more time your audience has to become invested in the world and characters. This both leads to a more satisfying experience for your readers, and also allows for more engagement and interaction. Fans may speculate about what will happen next, discuss theories, and create fan content. Community building around the story can help to keep it alive long after the initial release. 

    How often should you write or post serialized content on Wattpad?

    The key to serialized storytelling is consistency. As long as you're posting regularly, your readers will come find your story and get excited about it. Stick to a schedule as best you can and make sure to inform your readers when they can expect the next update. Don't leave your readers hanging or disappoint them by not releasing an episode when they expected an update. A new Wattpad tool is on its way to make this even easier for you. Soon you will be able to schedule new story parts to be published at a date and time of your choosing. Stay tuned for more information.

    How can you get your serialized story out there?

    There are a lot of tools built into Wattpad that you can use to get your story out there. Your writer profile is a great place to get started. Ensure your story summary is clear and engaging. Use tags to attract the right reader to your story. Publicize your story and chapter updates on your own social media channels. With serialized storytelling, make sure you are always introducing new arcs to bring new audiences in, giving them new places to jump into your story at any time. 

    Overall, serialized storytelling is a powerful tool for creators to engage and captivate readers. It allows for the development of characters, creates anticipation, and provides an immersive experience that keeps the audience invested in the story. Whether it's a Wattpad story, TV show, podcast, or otherwise, serialized storytelling continues to get audiences invested and provides a powerful storytelling experience. It's an incredible opportunity for Wattpad creators.

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